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Liz Ferioli-Brown


Katrina Ferioli

Junior training instructor at Little Ninjas

Liz is a fully qualified kickboxing instructor under WAKO, carrying a 4th Dan Black Belt, and is a current member of WAKO Team GB, representing Team Great Britain at both European and World Levels.

Liz is a fully qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor via Focus Training approved by NABBA passing Focus 1 Standard Fitness Instructor, Fitness Assessment, Sports Injury, Sales and Marketing, Focus 2 Advanced Fitness Instructor, which led to Liz gaining a Focus Training and Assessment Diploma.

Liz has a BAWLA (British Amateur Weight Lifters Association) Leaders Award.

Level 3 Awards in First Aid

Fully DBS checked

Level 3 Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity City and Guilds

Future Fit Training Certifications

Childhood Nutrition and Obesity

Prevention AfN and BSI Certified

Pre-and Post-natal Nutrition AfN and BSI Certified

Nutrition and Weight Management AfN and BSI Certified

Acupressure Pain Relief Essentials CPD and IAP Accredited

Acupressure Healing Meditations awarded by Michael Reed Gach

Child Protection in Sport and Physical Activity awarded by NCPCC CPD Certifed

Kickboxing Achievements

WAKO World Title Holder Gold Medalist

WAKO World Title Holder Silver Medalist

WAKO European Title Holder Gold Medalist

WAKO Worlds Silver and Bronze Medalist

9 X WAKO British Champion

Flanders Gold Medalist

Hungarian World Cup Gold Medalist

Hungarian World Cup Silver Medalist

11 x Bristol Open Gold Medalist

5x Watford Open The WON Gold Medalist

13 x Super League Grand Champion


Northampton Open Gold Medalist

Northampton Open Weight Grand Champion

Katrina Ferioli is a Junior training instructor with a passion for teaching and a love for kickboxing.  She is a National Champion and has several Grand Champion awards, having competed in both points and light contact disciplines.


She is known for her dedication, kindness, and patience, which makes her a favorite among children.  Katrina is a firm believer in the importance of safety and proper technique, and she is always striving to help students reach their full potential.

Kickboxing Achievements

Watford Open The WON Nationals Gold Medalist

7 X CIMAC Superleague Grand Champion

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