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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to Know

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer your first class for free

Do you offer guest passes?

You can train as a non-member for up to 3 sessions before having to make the decision to join.  Membership is £25 for the year

Are parents allowed to watch?

We have no problem watching from the door, the space in the gym is limited, so we can't have you in the gym I'm afraid, but if you wish to train with your child at any point this can be arranged just ask.

Do I need to stay whilst my child trains?

This is completely up to you, more than happy for you to wait or go away and return at the end of the class, all we ask is that you do return, ideally the same day that you dropped them off.

How much is training

Classes are £6 per session, you can train up to 3 sessions before having to join, membership is £25 for the year.  Uniform is £40

When can I grade

Gradings are held every 3 months.  Your instructor will let you know when the next grading is and if you are ready to grade.  Gradings up to Blue belt are £20

Can I train at other locations?

We are a part of BKO Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation, you can train at Ringwood and Basingstoke on the same membership and insurance

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